Wider agricultural tyres for a quick harvest

Wider agricultural tyres for a faster harvest

Authored by: Tractor tyre expert | 16 June 2023

Harvesting is a very specific operation with many different aspects to manage, one of the most important of which is work planning. As it is the outcome of an entire season’s work, it would be a shame not to be able to conduct the operation in the best conditions due to a problem linked to tyres.
Certain agricultural tyres have been designed specifically for this work and it is by using tyre dimensions with the largest volume of air that you benefit most from their advantages which can really help to save time. More load capacity so that you don’t have to stop during operations, better traction to reduce slip and fuel consumption. Harvester 900 mm tyres are perfectly adapted to large farms of a hundred acres or more, which use powerful, heavy machinery. The choice of a wide model will be combined with the quality traits of a good harvesting tyre.

Here is what you must take into account to save time:

1. Increase the width of the tyres to increase the load carrying capacity

If your harvester is equipped with standard, average dimension tyres, you will rapidly reach their limits in terms of load carrying capacity and maximum pressure.

This may lead to difficulties during your harvest, requiring more frequent emptying of the hopper or even the interruption of operations if inbound and outbound trailers are not well synchronised.

However, there is a simple way of avoiding these difficulties by increasing the dimensions of your harvesting tyres and opting for extra-wide 900 mm tyres which have a greater volume of air and therefore an additional load capacity, allowing you to work longer without having to empty the hopper.

Unloading the hopper without stopping production
Unloading the hopper without stopping production

Tyres which have a load capacity that is adapted to cyclic operations

Depending on your harvester model, the load capacity of the hopper may vary from 8,000 to 15,000 litres which corresponds (for a grain density of around 80 kg /100 litres) to a variable load of between 6,400 to 12,000 additional kg.

In view of the considerable weight, it is not necessarily wise to use standard tyres which will be crushed by the effect of the weight.

Harvester tyres have been engineered to resist these regular variations in load.

A more robust casing for your harvester tyres

The quality of the casing of an agricultural tyre is essential in increasing its resistance, its durability and its load bearing capacity. The casing may be compared to the skeleton of a tyre; it is made up of fabric and rubber which give it its resistant characteristics.

Harvester tyres face more difficult working conditions than standard tractor tyres and have to cope with heavy cyclic loads.

Stress testing of the casing of a Maxi Traction Harvest tyre
Stress testing of the casing of a Maxi Traction Harvest tyre

A superior quality casing contains more layers of fabric and stabilising ply to reinforce the structure of the tyre.

The tyre sidewalls must also be made of quality rubber to increase their resistance while maintaining their suppleness.

Investing in harvest tyres which contain a high volume of air and a robust casing will guarantee a better absorption of heavy cyclic loads.
This means that you will be able to avoid excessive deformation and structural failures, ensuring better safety conditions and a longer working life for you tyre.

Large dimension tyres to cope with cyclic loads
Large dimension tyres to cope with cyclic loads

Great resistance to pressure

A good harvest tyre must be able to resist higher pressure than a tractor tyre and must have a very solid casing.

Standard tyres and tyres with supple sidewalls are not adapted to these conditions. They are not designed to be able to withstand an inflation pressure of up to 4 bars and cope with major variations in load.

It is advisable to choose wide dimension tyres capable of working at a higher inflation pressure to compensate for the excessive weight when the hopper reaches its maximum load.
This resistance to pressure ensures that you can continue working during harvesting activities, without ever having to interrupt operations.



2. Wider agricultural tyres improve motricity

The traction capacity of a harvester tyre is essential in optimising the performance of your harvester.

To ensure good motricity, your tyres must satisfy certain criteria, such as the possibility of working with a larger soil footprint and having a design that is optimised for traction purposes.

If you choose tyres with wide dimensions, the soil footprint will be much bigger and longer and the lug contact area much greater.
This will lead to better adherence, even in difficult conditions such as when working on slopes or in wet conditions.

The design of the harvest tyres must reduce soil disturbance and improve self-cleaning, which will improve the transmission of the horizontal force and reduce slip. Better traction leads to time saved on harvesting campaigns, thus increasing productivity in every field.

Wide tyres to improve motricity during harvesting
Wide tyres to improve motricity during harvesting

3. Wider tyres to win time during harvesting

In general time is of the essence during the harvest and you can really improve your productivity just by changing the dimension of your tyres and opting for a width of 900 mm.

The time saved will be felt on several levels:

  • A reduction in slip: tyres with a higher volume of air effectively have a larger soil footprint and minimise compaction.  
    The wider the tyres, the less they sink into the ground, resulting in less rolling resistance and better control of slip.
    By reducing horizonal slippage you will cover the area of your field more rapidly.
  • Better traction: the width of the tyres increases the contact patch of each of the lugs, the grip on the ground is optimised and your work speed will improve.
  • More load capacity: wide dimension tyres can carry more load, which gives you the possibility of loading the hopper more between each trip by the trailer and avoiding having to interrupt operations.
How to save time during harvesting campaigns
How to save time during harvesting campaigns

4. The 900 mm Maxi Traction Harvest tyre: an ideal tyre for harvesting

Not all harvester tyres are multipurpose; they don’t all have the right number of lugs or the lugs may not be placed at the best angle, which makes them unsuitable for autumn work.

This is not the case of the Maxi Traction Harvest tyre which is available in wide format to improve the load carrying capacity and traction for summer harvesting in dry weather conditions, but also with a profile that is perfectly adapted to the wet season for harvesting sunflower or corn.

The Maxi Traction Harvest tyre for harvesting corn
The Maxi Traction Harvest tyre for harvesting corn

The Maxi Traction Harvest tyre has been optimised for harvesting operations:

1. Improved traction:

The design of the dual angle lugs ensures optimal adherence to the ground, thus limiting soil damage. For the 900 mm model, the large contact area with the ground for each lug leads to powerful traction.

2. Robust construction:

Its casing is solid and its sidewalls have been reinforced to resist variations in cyclic loads, making it possible to work at an inflation pressure of between 0.8 and 3.2 bar.

The new anti-wear compound added to the rubber mixture ensures great durability and high resistance to damage.

Firestone’s Maxi Traction Harvest tyre
Firestone’s Maxi Traction Harvest tyre

3. Cyclic load:

Maxi Traction Harvest tyres offer a cyclic load bonus with a pressure of up to 4 bar:

  • 70% load bonus up to 10 km/h
  • 55% load bonus between 10 and 15 km/h

This is the difference in load that you can obtain by changing from a 650 to a 900 mm tyre, with different levels of speed and pressure:

Tyre dimensions Load capacity at 40 km/h - max. 3.2 bar Cyclic load capacity
at 10 km/h - max. 4 bar
650/75 R32 6,300 kg 10,710 kg +70%
800/65 R32 7,500 kg 12,750 kg +70%
900/60 R32 8,250 kg 14,025 kg +70%

4. Driving comfort:

The Maxi Traction Harvest offers optimal driving comfort thanks to its fully revised, last generation 900 mm design: all the elements that play a role in driving comfort such as the form, overlapping and number of lugs as well as the internal structure of the tyre have been revised and optimised.

The new design guarantees optimal driving comfort. The highly balanced pitch variation produces no vibration and offers a safe and pleasant driving experience.

5. Reduction in fuel consumption:

with its 900 mm width, the Maxi Traction Harvest’s bigger footprint improves traction, thus helping to reduce fuel consumption.



Equipping your harvester with very large tyres will save you time and bring you many other advantages, especially with Maxi Traction Harvest tyres which offer:

  • a superior traction,
  • a robust construction,
  • optimal driving comfort,
  • great durability,
  • a reduction in fuel consumption.

Which makes them an ideal choice for harvesting operations.


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