Firestone, high quality standards
Tyres, you have to be able to trust them. When you’re ploughing, you need strong traction, no matter how bad the weather. When you’re harvesting, you have to rely on your tyres’ stability. If the field is soggy and muddy, you don’t want mud clogging up the tyres. If you have to carry heavy loads, the tyres must be able to handle the weight without any problems.

You can always rely on us

Firestone helps farmers to get more out of their land with quality tyres which deliver greater productivity, enable cost-effective operations and minimise the impact on your precious topsoil. Our full range of Firestone tractor tyres gets all your jobs done at an excellent cost per hour. This means that you can save time, fuel and money.

Firestones tyres’ superior casings are renowned for their toughness and durability. Combine this with their wear-resistant compound, and you will enjoy long-lasting tyres that you can always rely on.

High quality standards

For more than 120 years, the Firestone tyre company has always been close to farmers and farming. The agricultural tyre was conceived by Harvey Firestone and has changed farming methods completely.

As part of the Bridgestone Corporation, Firestone today benefits from all the know-how, high production standards and outstanding innovation capabilities needed to stay ahead, and we are continuously adapting our offer to meet your evolving needs, including today’s heavier and faster vehicles.

Firestone: You never farm alone
“Tyres that hold their own under any circumstances,
that’s why I put my trust in Firestone.”


Our service goes far beyond simply developing, producing and supplying tyres. We are also always there to put our tyre technology, knowledge and experience to work for you.
We sincerely want to build a long-term relationship with you, in an active and personal manner. We aim to be your companion at each step you take and to offer you advice and help... You never farm alone.

Choosing the right tyre shouldn’t worry you.
We offer advice and help you to make the right choice.

Firestone 360


Our engineers are in regular contact with major tractor manufacturers and European farmers with the aim of continuously adapting our products to meet your evolving needs. Our craftsmen ensure high quality standards in production. Our supply chain is committed to fast deliveries across Europe. Our dealers and commercial teams will help you to choose your best buy, as well as with any after sales service.

A fully dedicated Firestone team is always there for you. With Firestone ... You never farm alone.


Firestone: Your needs come first

Your needs come first

From traction in the field, through performance on the road and higher loads, our engineers take all your needs into account thanks to:

  • their many direct contacts with European farmers
  • regular consultation with major tractor manufacturers

Firestone: Quality you can rely on

Quality you can rely on

Every tyre that leaves our ISO-certified factory is hand-checked by craftsmen.

Firestone: Logistics close to you

Logistics close to you

Our dealers usually have your Firestone tyres in stock. With our excellent, closely-linked European logistics network, we can deliver anywhere in Europe within a few days.

Firestone: The right tyre

The right tyre

  • Firestone dealers help you to choose the right tyre for your performance needs
  • The Firestone app gives you the ideal tyre specs/technical requirements for your performance needs

Firestone: Your best buy

Your best buy

  • Outstanding value at an excellent cost per hour
  • Ask your tractor dealer for your Firestone incentive when you buy a new tractor
  • 10-year warranty

Firestone: Always at your service

Always at your service

  • Dedicated Firestone technical support
  • Digital connection at any time through the Firestone app: you’ll always know the right tyre pressure for any kind of performance