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Front ballast
30 September 2022

Is your ballast really suited to your tractor tyres?

Your tyres have to bear your tractor’s load. Generally this means the weight of the tractor plus the weight of your implements, which represents a load that must be offset by the pressure in your tyres. When you have an implement whose weight is transferred entirely to the rear axle of the tractor,...
FENDT 930 305HP tractor equipped with a 7 440 Kg seeder
13 August 2021

Key explanations on load and agricultural tyre ballasting

Your tractor tyres are designed to bear heavy loads, the weight of your tractor of course, but also your tooling, they are solid and highly resistant tyres. However, you know very well that this doesn’t mean you can mount any size of tooling or add mass indefinitely, the limits in terms of load and...
Everything you need to know about water ballasting
04 January 2021

You want to know everything about water ballasting your tractor tyres

Ballasting is used to improve the stability of your tractor and provide efficient traction when your rear mounted implement is heavy or requires a lot of tractive force. The most common ballasting technique involves adding weights to the front to rebalance the load distribution over all four wheels...
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