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Choose your future agricultural tyres based on your activity
29 September 2023

7 key tips to help choose your future agricultural tyres better

Your tyres are the principal link between your agricultural machine and the ground. Depending on the tyre model that you have chosen and the quality of the tyre, it will influence the way in which engine power is transmitted to the ground. Choosing a tyre that is suited to your farm is therefore...
Choosing agricultural tyres that are suited to your activity
06 September 2023

How to choose the most suitable agricultural tyres for your specific case

It’s true that all tyres look alike, encased in black rubber with a tread profile to grip the ground. Yet this simplistic vision does not take into account the research work carried out year after year by tyre manufacturers seeking to produce precision equipment. Each agricultural tyre has been...
Vineyard tyres to avoid soil compaction
18 August 2023

Vineyard tyres: why choose a tyre that is adapted to vine growing?

Vine growing is an extremely specific agricultural activity, due to the form of the crop, but also because of the type of soil or the steep sloping agricultural land. All these particularities make it necessary to have appropriate equipment to make certain that you don’t damage the vines with tyres...
Large-dimension harvest tyres for extensive soya farms in the state of Mato Gross in Brazil
18 July 2023

Why such an evolution in the size of harvest tyres?

During the past 15 years, there has been a major evolution in the size of harvest tyres. While the 650mm tyre size was the norm in the years 2000 to 2010, there is now a much higher demand for the 900 tyre size which offers real advantages and reflects a change in mentality and the size of modern...
Wider agricultural tyres for a quick harvest
16 June 2023

Wider agricultural tyres for a faster harvest

Harvesting is a very specific operation with many different aspects to manage, one of the most important of which is work planning. As it is the outcome of an entire season’s work, it would be a shame not to be able to conduct the operation in the best conditions due to a problem linked to tyres....
Duraforce Utility tyres for agro-industrial activities
02 June 2023

Which agricultural tyre is the best suited to agro-industrial sites?

Certain agricultural tyres have been designed to resist harsher work than field crop farming. They have special features which will be beneficial in many activities or industries connected to farming in which loaders, backhoe loaders or telehandlers are used regularly. Certain tyres have indeed...
ARES tractor fitted with Performer 85 tyres
17 March 2023

The agricultural tyre with the best cost-performance compromise

Your main tractor is a central element of your activity. If you work as frequently in the farm courtyard as in the fields, it must be equipped with tyres that are suitable for multipurpose uses. Certain tyres have been developed specifically for crop farming with exceptional performance...
A sturdy, durable casing for a quality agricultural tyre
21 February 2023

What are the secrets of a good agricultural tyre casing?

Unfortunately you can’t tell a good casing at the time of purchase just by looking at the outside of the tyre. This is something specific to this type of product, which all seem similar, yet it’s actually the technical level of the interior structure of the tyre that makes the difference: more...
High-tech agricultural tyres can be an investment
06 January 2023

Think investment rather than purchase cost for your agricultural tyres

The tyre is often wrongly thought of as a standard consumable despite the fact that the quality of your work depends on how good the tyre is. A quality tyre has such an important impact that your productivity improves on a daily basis, whereas a low end tyre will slow down your production. There is...
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