The Voice of Firestone
Sponsoring musical events and festivals
Sponsoring musical events and festivals

Bringing music talent and music lovers together

Firestone supports upcoming music talents trying to make it big. The artists provide the music, Firestone provides the stage.

Over the years, Firestone has given hundreds of musical acts the opportunity to perform on the Firestone Stage at some of Europe’s biggest festivals. Some of them went on to play the main stages of those same festivals.

Firestone will continue to support emerging bands on their road to the main stage. At the same time, the Firestone stage will remain a sure spot for music-loving fans to discover great new music.

We have been bringing people together through music since 1928 when our founder Harvey Firestone launched the first sponsored radio program, The Voice of Firestone. An innovative music platform for its time, The Voice of Firestone brought people of all ages together to discover new music artists and enjoy live performances.

With the Firestone Music Tour, we invite people of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in and have a passion for music, travel, driving and fun to become part of the adventure.


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Bilbao BBK Live ES
Southside Festival 2022 DE
All Points East EN
Rock en Seine FR
Open'er festival PL
Firestone, driven by music since 1928
Firestone, driven by music since 1928
Driven by music

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