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Gauge to measure wear to my agricultural tyres
03 November 2023

How to detect and slow down wear to my agricultural tyres?

The efficiency of an agricultural tractor depends essentially on its tyres. How they perform is crucial in getting the job done optimally. However, tyres wear over time and with use. They have to cope with many demands and are placed under strain during your different campaigns or trips on the...
Reduce the bill by checking agricultural tyres more regularly
24 April 2023

Maintenance: how to reduce your agricultural tyre bill?

Reducing your agricultural tyre bill may involve buying low-end tyres or an exotic brand, but with the risks and disadvantages of this type of approach, which is only economical at the time of purchase. Alternatively you can opt for the appropriate preventive maintenance on a regular basis which...
Use of agricultural tyres for civil engineering work
01 February 2023

What is the hardest work for my agricultural tyres?

The tyres on your agricultural vehicles may be used for work that is too tough on them and which will shorten their lifespan. There is often a tyre model suitable for each type of job, but as you can’t buy as many different tyres as there are uses, standard tyres often end up being used on a...
Wear linked to use on an abrasive surface
19 October 2022

What are the principal causes of wear to my agricultural tyres?

You have to replace your agricultural tyres regularly as a result of wear, and this major investment will obviously be less painful if it occurs less often. As wear is the key on which the tyre replacement depends, the best thing would be to slow it down by defining what has the greatest impact on...
Excess torque may lead to the tyre rotating on its rim
27 April 2022

What causes an agricultural tyre to rotate on the rim?

The rims are mechanically fixed to the axle by various bolts to the hub, at the centre of the wheel disc. However, this is not the case for the tyre, which is only held in place by the internal pressure on the bead applied against the rim seat. In these conditions it is possible in certain cases...
Wear at the centre of the tread caused by overinflation
17 February 2022

3 minutes to spot 10 abnormal wear points on my tractor tyres

Your tyres represent a major investment that you want to make last as long as possible. However, they are placed under considerable strain as a result of the work you do, the load, the type of ground or the environment which can rapidly have negative effects and lead to abnormal and premature wear....
5 keys to manage tractor tyre wear
28 August 2021

5 essential keys for better management of tractor tyre wear

Wear is generally the main reason for having to change your agricultural tyres, which represents a considerable cost for your farm. Just like all parts that wear, the speed at which your tyres deteriorate depends on their level of quality, but also and above all on your use of them: rare or...
How worn can your tractor tyres be before you need to change them
21 June 2021

How worn can your tractor tyres be before you need to change them

The natural reflex, in response to a legitimate desire to save money, is to choose to use your tyres until they are threadbare, keeping them as long as possible in order to delay the moment when you have to invest in a set of new tyres. It’s true that each farm has its own financial priorities...
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