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Hot repairs to a tractor tyre
19 September 2023

Hot or cold repairs for damage to my agricultural tyres

Repairing an agricultural tyre may be an economical solution which avoids a costly replacement tyre. However, you need to differentiate between the repair options available and only choose the most suitable solution to make sure that the repairs last over time. There is no point in makeshift cold...
Emergency agricultural tyre breakdown service following a puncture
31 July 2023

Emergency agricultural tyre breakdown service, what do you need to know?

A breakdown in your hangar, when you find a flat tyre in the early hours of the morning, is not at all the same situation as an emergency breakdown service for an agricultural tyre mid-operations in the field when you have a tight schedule and a full day’s work ahead. Certain breakdowns are...
Your agricultural tyre expert can help you optimise your results
21 June 2023

In which cases should I call in my agricultural tyre expert?

Your agricultural tyre expert or tyre suppliers are not only there to manage the replacement of a worn tyre. They can also give more information and advice which could help you save money, improve your work, your profitability and your productivity. A set of tyres that is better suited to your...
There is a greater load transfer to the rear axle when the implement is raised
05 May 2023

How does load transfer impact the rear tyres of a tractor?

The weight of your implement comes as an addition to the weight of the tractor and its ballast. But how do you know if the load transfer to the rear of the tractor is excessive? What level of inflation do you need to compensate for this load correctly, but without too much pressure which would end...
Demounting tractor tyres
03 April 2023

10 traps to avoid when mounting and demounting tyres

You have chosen to handle the replacement of your tractor tyres yourself. This is effectively possible with the right equipment and a little bit of experience. However, there are many traps that you may come across, during both the mounting and demounting of your tractor tyres. We have listed for...
Tyre dimensions must take account of the size and weight of the implements
02 March 2023

Consequences of incorrect agricultural tyre size

Tractor power is not the only decisive criterion for optimal productivity. Although it is perfectly logical to give priority to power (in accordance with the size and weight of the implements used), there is another key factor that must be taken into account in order to get the most power from your...
Mounting tractor tyres
28 October 2022

Advice for mounting and demounting tractor tyres

Mounting or demounting tractor tyres is a tricky operation, not due to complexity but because of the need to move large volumes and masses. This type of operation must be well prepared in advance to anticipate problems which could be costly if your new tyre were to be damaged, or if the tractor was...
Checking tyre concentricity
31 August 2022

Are there solutions for out-of-round tractor tyres?

Instability and tractor vibrations when driving accompanied by a lateral swaying motion from right to left may be the sign of a tyre with a manufacturing defect. This is known as run-out or out-of-roundness and corresponds to a slightly oval tyre shape. However, there are numerous causes linked to...
Maxi Traction Harvest tyres
18 July 2022

Save time with better traction from your harvester tyres

Your harvester’s traction capacity is directly linked to the quality of your tyres. Harvester tyres are particular, because they have to cope with significant cyclic loads depending on how full the harvester’s hopper is. If their design is the result of quality research and development, they will...
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