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How to store agricultural tyres
12 January 2022

The best storage and handling rules for agricultural tyres

Your agricultural tyres are a very specific part of your equipment which can last longer if you take regular care of them. Certain precautions must be taken, particularly during the winter period, if you want to avoid bad surprises at the start of the new season. The weight and size of the tyres is...
Cleaning the tractor tyres for a more efficient inspection
30 November 2021

10 check-up points for your tractor tyres in 10 minutes

Your agricultural tyres are wearing parts which are placed under very heavy strain; they do not require particular maintenance, but a regular check-up and a good measure of vigilance can help you make them last much longer. It may not seem worthwhile, but if you get into the habit of doing a...
How to control tractor wheel slip
19 November 2021

Do you want to know all about tractor wheel slip?

Tractor wheel slip, if excessive, brings only disadvantages: it increases the number of hours you have to spend on each campaign, it increases your fuel consumption, it causes soil sealing, contributes to soil compaction and, lastly, rapidly increases tyre wear. Not taking account of your slip...
Checking tractor tyre parallelism
31 October 2021

Checking the parallelism of my tractor tyres in 3 steps

Misalignment is one of the most frequent causes of mechanical wear to tractor tyres. Checking parallelism is a simple and rapid way of identifying a geometry problem which will save hours of use of your tractor tyres after minor adjustment. When you discover irregular wear, the most common solution...
Firestone Maxi Traction Tyres
21 October 2021

How to change the size of my tractor tyres?

When you buy a tractor, it is designed for standard use, on a standard farm, and is equipped with standard tyres to optimise the overall cost of the machine. The manufacturer cannot know all the details of your farm so the original tyres, designed to correspond to a maximum of users, are not...
Economic contribution of agricultural tyres
28 July 2021

Which agricultural tyres will help me make the most savings?

It often feels like the only way to make savings with agricultural tyres is to negotiate cheaper tyres from your dealer. Think again! The savings you make on their purchase are nothing like what you could save over years of daily use. Since your tyre is an essential part of your vehicle,...
Increase the volume of the tyres to boost your tractor
08 March 2021

5 things to know about your tractor’s lead ratio

You have heard about your tractor’s front-wheel lead ratio without really knowing what this is about and as long as you use your tractor’s original tyres this problem does not really exist. So why worry about it? What purpose does it serve? And in the end, what benefit will you obtain from knowing?...
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