What are the best agricultural tyres for a farmers’ co-op

Which agricultural tyres to choose for equipment sharing cooperatives?

Authored by: Tractor tyre expert | 02 February 2024

The quality versus cost savings dilemma when choosing agricultural tyres for an equipment sharing cooperative is nothing new. Farmers belonging to these cooperatives are often tempted to opt for immediate savings when purchasing equipment, such as tyres, to reduce their contribution towards equipment renewal costs.
However, this approach may turn out to be counterproductive. An investment in higher quality tyres may actually lead to significant savings in the long run. All the co-op members benefit, because tyre replacements are less frequent and the overall quality of work is better, with improved yields into the bargain.

In this article we look in detail as to why opting for quality and durability can transform the slightly higher initial purchase cost into increased long-term profitability for your agricultural equipment sharing cooperative.

1. Reduce agricultural tyre related expenses but not at any cost!

When you opt for bargain agricultural tyres, several hidden costs can rapidly start to accumulate. These are linked to the lower quality of the equipment:

  • Increased slip, resulting from insufficient adherence, leads to significantly more fuel consumption and a loss of time on each operation.
  • Additional tiredness, linked to longer working hours and managing difficulties with slip.
  • Rapid tyre wear, which leads to more frequent tyre replacement, thus increasing overall costs.
  • Excessive soil compaction linked to the overly high inflation pressure required for tyres that are unable to work at low pressure, which results in a drop in yields.

When you are aware of all these hidden costs, it will seem less certain that choosing a low-cost tyre is the best purchase strategy.

Regular extra fuel consumption linked to slip
Regular extra fuel consumption linked to slip


Economy or quality: Finding the right balance for your agricultural tractor tyres

Moving upmarket, without necessarily going for the most expensive model on the market, makes it possible to compensate for certain negative aspects of the low-cost models.

Choosing an intermediary range means that you don’t have to increase the purchase price too much, but you obtain the benefits of quality work with a more upmarket tyre.

How to reduce agricultural tyre costs regardless of the purchase budget

Regular preventive maintenance is a great way to reduce the overall cost of agricultural tyres.

This strategy allows you to extend the tyre’s wear life, whatever the level of quality:

  • Adapting pressure regularly: Frequent tyre pressure adjustments based on working conditions are crucial. Having the correct pressure protects tyres against premature wear and optimises tyre performance.
  • Management of excess loads and speeds: Staying within the limits recommended by the manufacturer in terms of load and speed is fundamental in preventing accelerated wear. Overloading and excess speed on the road or in the fields can seriously damage your tyres.
  • Regular mechanical inspections: Regular inspections of parallelism, camber and other mechanical aspects of the tractor help to avoid abnormal wear to the tyres. The right alignment and balance between the wheels extends the tyres’ lifespan.
  • Visual check-ups: A regular visual check-up allows you to identify potential weaknesses earlier, such as cuts or irregularities at the level of the sidewalls, bead or tread. Getting into this habit can prevent costly breakdowns or unforeseen stoppages when working in the fields.
Free Firestone app to calculate pressure
Free Firestone app to calculate pressure


2. Select agricultural tyres with an optimal price-quality ratio

It is essential to rethink the way in which we assess the cost of tyres by focusing on the hourly cost rather than the initial purchase price.

A superior quality tyre may have a higher initial cost, but its longer lifespan and better work efficiency considerably reduce its hourly cost.

Consider the tyre as an investment

It is crucial to think of agricultural tyres not as basic consumables but as an investment, in the same way as your agricultural implements.

A superior quality tyre, although more costly to buy, brings significant added value in terms of daily productivity by reducing slip, fuel consumption and wear.

This more long-term vision leads to substantial savings, transforming the initial purchase into a profitable investment.

Consider agricultural tyres as an investment
Consider agricultural tyres as an investment

Take account of the added value of the services linked to the tyres

Additional services linked to premium tyres, such as extended guarantees and technical assistance are important factors to consider.

These services offer additional security and peace of mind, reducing unforeseen risks and costs.

Opting for quality tyres with related services can be a judicious economic choice for equipment sharing cooperatives.


The search for an optimal price-quality ratio highlights the importance of a broader approach which goes beyond the price catalogue in the choice of tyres for farmers’ cooperatives, where quality and related services play a key role in the reduction of long-term costs.


3. The importance of durability in the choice of agricultural tyres

The quality of the materials used in the production of tyres is one of the principal factors in evaluating their true cost.

Superior quality tyres, like the Firestone range, are made using materials that are resistant to wear, thus offering a longer working life. This leads to a lower hourly cost, despite a higher initial purchase price than for discount tyres.

The durability and resistance of the tyres effectively reduce the frequency of replacement and the maintenance costs.

A quality casing: The key to agricultural tyre longevity

The construction of the casing is essential for the durability of the tyres. Firestone tyres, with their robust casing and special sidewall construction, are all produced using high quality materials with an optimal mixture of rubber compounds.

This type of casing makes it possible to absorb impacts without excessive deformation, and without any structural breaking, even under the strain of a heavy load or working at low pressure.

These characteristics guarantee increased durability and longevity, ensuring a better return on investment.

Firestone produces longer-lasting tyre casings
Firestone produces longer-lasting tyre casings


4. Firestone: an agricultural tyre solution suitable for the demands of equipment sharing cooperatives

Firestone, as an agricultural tyre specialist, offers a diversified range of tyres adapted to each type of farm.

Whether your cooperative specialises in crop farming, mixed crop-livestock farming or other specific agricultural activities, Firestone has a tyre designed to cater for these varied needs.

If you base your choice of tyre on the principal use of your machine, you opt for optimal use of the tyres and therefore better profitability for the cooperative.

Firestone’s Maxi Traction agricultural tyre
Firestone’s Maxi Traction agricultural tyre

Reliable tyres for farmers belonging to an equipment sharing cooperative

Firestone stands apart as a result of its investment in R&D, the use of high quality materials, and its expertise in tyre manufacturing makes it possible to deliver products which boost productivity, reduce maintenance costs and offer superior durability.

Firestone offers a varied range of agricultural tyres, each designed to meet specific needs:

  • Extra-wide Maxi Traction series: Ideal for better soil protection, this tyre offers great traction and a higher load capacity, which is perfect for intensive operations on large farms.
  • Maxi Traction 65: With a longer lifespan and a wider footprint, this tyre is designed for high performance on various types of terrain, while reducing operating costs.
  • Performer Extra 85 and 70: These tyres stand out due to their rubber compound which is ultra-resistant to wear and their solid construction, offering excellent traction and an extended wear life, even in difficult conditions.
  • Performer 95 Row Crop: Specially designed with a steel belt, this narrow tyre has a higher load capacity, thus reducing crop damage during treatments.
  • Duraforce Utility: These tyres are highly robust and provide optimal wear resistance, which are ideal characteristics for aggressive working conditions on hard ground.
  • Maxi Traction Harvest tyre: These harvest tyres are highly robust and provide optimal comfort, with a design that improves traction and reduces soil compaction. They offer a cyclic load bonus which is ideally suited to harvesting operations.
Good agricultural tyre management will prove more economical for all the members of an equipment sharing cooperative
Good agricultural tyre management will prove more economical for all the members of an equipment sharing cooperative



The choice of agricultural tyres for an equipment sharing cooperative should not just be a question of immediate savings.

It is crucial to consider long-term costs, quality, durability and performance. When choosing Firestone tyres, agricultural cooperatives obtain a range of products that are suited to all their requirements.

These tyres not only offer a longer lifespan, but also a reduction in operating costs thanks to their improved efficiency.

The initial investment in quality tyres therefore leads to improved profitability, better productivity and a reduced environmental footprint.


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