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Understanding and implementing my agricultural tyre warranty

Authored by: Tractor tyre expert | 30 November 2023

When you discover a manufacturing defect in your agricultural tyres, often the first thing you ask is: “Is it covered by my warranty?” This question is legitimate, because a good warranty should cover the quality of your tyre equipment and protect your investment. A good understanding of the different warranties available for agricultural tyres and knowing how to activate them is therefore essential for all farmers.
If, when it comes to buying your tyres, you wish to save money rather than go for a good warranty thinking that this is secondary, imagine a situation where, after one year of use, a manufacturing defect results in you obtaining a full reimbursement or free replacement tyre. In this context, the importance of the warranty is capital. It not only represents a significant saving, but also assurance as to the reliability of your equipment and the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of its tyres.

In this article we look at the different types of warranties for agricultural tyres, their conditions of applications and the steps to follow in the event of a problem arising. Comprehensive knowledge of these aspects is important to secure your production tool and make an enlightened choice when you next purchase agricultural tyres.

1. The legal manufacturer warranty for agricultural tyres

Agricultural tyres carry a legal manufacturer warranty that lasts for 5 years starting from the tyre manufacturing date.

Good to know:
The agricultural tyre manufacturing date is shown by a four digit code marked on the sidewall. The first two figures indicate the week of the year, whereas the last two represent the year of production itself.
For example, the code 4520 means that the tyre was manufactured during the forty-fifth week of 2020, i.e. in November of that year.

The tyre was manufactured in the 7th week of 2018
The tyre was manufactured in the 7th week of 2018

What does the legal manufacturer warranty cover?

This warranty covers any manufacturing faults linked to production or to the tyre components.

It comprises different aspects such as:

  • Design faults: separation of the tread, defects linked to vulcanisation…
  • Irregularities linked to manufacturing materials: abnormal appearance of the rubber, bubbles, casing ply visible on the sidewall…
  • Problems linked to use: vibrations, weakness in part of the tyre…

However, this warranty does not cover wear linked to normal use of the tyre, or damage linked to inappropriate use.

Manufacturing defect: incorrectly positioned cable protruding from the tyre sidewall
Manufacturing defect: incorrectly positioned cable protruding from the tyre sidewall


2. Commercial warranties on agricultural tyres

Certain manufacturers, like Firestone, go beyond the standard legal warranty by extending the period of coverage to up to 10 years.

This extension begins on the purchase date and does not require any additional subscription. It offers a certain peace of mind to farmers by extending the period of coverage for manufacturing defects.

10-year warranty on Firestone’s agricultural tyres
10-year warranty on Firestone’s agricultural tyres

The conditions of these additional commercial warranties are specific and may depend on special application terms. It is therefore essential to read the conditions associated with this coverage carefully, because they may vary from one manufacturer to another. In addition, certain of these commercial warranties may require a subscription, in general at the time of the initial purchase of the tyre.

These commercial warranties that are specific to each manufacturer will be offered to you when you buy your tyre. Depending on the options subscribed, they may include a high level of coverage:

  • Protection against miscellaneous damages
  • Insurance against impacts
  • A tyre lifespan guarantee.

Distinction between the legal warranty and the commercial warranty

The legal warranty should not be confused with the commercial warranty. The first applies automatically at the time of purchase, whether the tyre is purchased alone or is an OEM tyre fitted on the agricultural machine. It is inherent to the transaction and valid for the period stipulated by law, offering protection against any manufacturing defects.

The commercial warranty, on the other hand, is given freely by the manufacturer or dealer. It may extend the period of coverage of the legal warranty beyond the 5-year period and include additional advantages such as replacement services or partial reimbursements.


3. Are special cases covered by the warranty?

Example of out-of-roundness: is it the tyre or the rim?

Out-of-roundness, characterised by an oval distortion of the wheel and rim, may cause excessive vibrations which are felt during driving. This can affect driving comfort and even lead to more significant mechanical problems.

What causes out-of-roundness?

Out-of-roundness has various possible origins linked either to the tyre, the rim, or a combination of the two.

  • As regards the tyre: a slight discrepancy of a few millimetres in the assembly of the components during the manufacturing process can be at the origin of a minor distortion.
  • As regards the rim: a manufacturing anomaly may also lead to out-of-roundness.
Rim concentricity check
Rim concentricity check

A precise analysis carried out by the manufacturer will establish the extent of the out-of-roundness in millimetres. This meticulous examination aims to measure the shift in the components to obtain detailed data on the nature of the defect. The manufacturer can then carry out a detailed diagnosis and take the corrective action necessary.

Sometimes a simple rotation of the tyre on the rim can minimise the distortion considerably. This adjustment of the position of the tyre with respect to the rim can attenuate the effects of out-of-roundness, thus eliminating undue vibrations when driving. This technique can often be implemented without necessarily having to replace the tyre, while preserving the efficiency of the tyre and its durability.

Is out-of-roundness covered by the manufacturer warranty?

An out-of-round tyre, if confirmed by the manufacturer’s expert analysis, falls within the scope of the manufacturer warranty which covers manufacturing defects. As such, the manufacturer pays for the cost of the corrective action necessary to ensure that the agricultural tyre works properly, such as:

  • Adjustments and calibration of settings
  • Repairs if necessary
  • Replacement of the defective tyre.


4. How do you activate the tractor tyre warranty?

The procedure for activating the tractor tyre warranty can be broken down into two steps:

  • Inform the distributor/dealer: as soon as you detect a problem with your tractor tyre. The first step consists in informing the distributor or dealer from whom you purchased the equipment. It’s at this level that the warranty claim will be activated, given that the manufacturer warranty goes systematically through the distributor.
  • Request a technical evaluation: contact your tyre dealer to ask for a technical evaluation to be carried out by the manufacturer. The aim of this evaluation is to establish the extent of the problem, to determine whether the warranty should be activated and if the tyre needs to be replaced at no cost (excluding the cost of labour for the replacement of the tyre).

What happens after the technical evaluation?

There are two possibilities:

  • The tyre is useable: if the tyre has a problem that is covered by the warranty, but is still useable, the manufacturer may decide to leave it in use while monitoring it regularly. This may include periodic inspections to evaluate the development of the situation with a possible change of tyre if the situation gets worse.
  • The tyre is not useable: if the tyre is deemed unfit for use due to a defect covered by the warranty, it may be replaced by a new tyre. Depending on the level of wear, you may also be offered a credit note to be used when buying a new tyre.
Tyre replacement covered by the warranty
Tyre replacement covered by the warranty

How are problems during mounting covered?

If the tyre becomes unusable due to a problem during mounting, this is not covered by the legal manufacturer warranty. For repairs or a replacement tyre, it is therefore essential to check the quality of the tyre mounting on receipt of your tractor fitted with its new tyres.

When the problem is linked to the mounting operation, this can be seen immediately, and the tyre fitter’s guarantee must be activated directly at the level of the garage. This provides protection in these circumstances, ensuring that any problem linked to the mounting operation is solved rapidly and efficiently.

A careful inspection will reveal any mounting irregularity quite simply, such as:

  • Anomalies at the level of the beads linked to lubrication
  • Incorrect positioning of the tyre on the rim
  • Any other mechanical problems linked to mounting.

The situation is the same when you receive a new tractor on which there may have been a tyre mounting problem. If this is the case, you should get in contact with the tyre dealer who will take the necessary steps directly with the manufacturer.

Bead cut during mounting
Bead cut during mounting



At Firestone, we understand the crucial importance of the reliability of your agricultural tyres for your daily work. That’s why we are committed to offering you a ten-year warranty, to reassure you concerning the longevity and efficiency of your tyre equipment.

Our team of specialists is always available to advise you on the best warranty options for your specific needs, ensuring you obtain the best performance and durability from your tyres. Choosing Firestone for your agricultural tyres means choosing peace of mind. We are there to accompany you each step of the way, guaranteeing the performance and reliability of your equipment. Because your success is our priority.


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