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Agricultural tyre check-up
20 December 2022

An agricultural tyre check-up; a good way to prepare the new season

Winter is the ideal season to review your fleet of agricultural vehicles, to check on mechanical aspects of course, for preventive maintenance purposes, but also to check all your agricultural tyres. It’s worth knowing that a large number of breakdowns at the beginning of the season tend to be...
The narrow Performer 95 tyre with its steel belt can bear more load than a standard model
30 November 2022

Agricultural tyres for narrow wheels: technicality first

There are very different levels of technology in narrow agricultural tyre models. The best allow you to increase load, reduce the number of passages across the field and save fuel and time. The development of a narrow tyre effectively requires a very high level of technicality, because this type of...
Specific tyres for telescopic handlers
18 November 2022

Agricultural tyres dedicated to telescopic handlers: real advantages

You are used to frequently replacing your telescopic loader or handler tyres, as these are fairly standard tyres which don’t cost as much as tractor tyres, and this is a lesser problem that you resolve easily by opting for the cheapest tyres. However, like any equipment placed under heavy strain,...
Vulcanisation mould for FIRESTONE agricultural tyres
30 July 2022

What are the manufacturing secrets behind a quality agricultural tyre?

All agricultural tyre brands look alike. The tyres are the same colour, have a more or less similar lug design and you can find your size at all tyre manufacturers. Yet beyond the first glance, the differences are important and will change everything when in use, during work and over the tyre’s...
Mechanical apple harvesting
31 May 2022

Fruit growing; golden rules on the choice and impact of the agricultural tyre

In an orchard, the frequent passage of machines between the rows, always at the same place, will inevitably lead to soil compaction which can have major consequences on water drainage and on the surface part of the trees’ root system. A good structure of the arable layer facilitates water...
Narrow tyre for a mounted sprayer
23 April 2022

Which agricultural tyre for which spraying operation?

As your spraying system is the most frequently used equipment after the tractor, it is essential to consider the impact of the tyres on your crops and on soil compaction in your fields. Whether you use a self-propelled system, a tractor-mounted or trailed implement, the question of the choice of...
Sturdier tyres for handling operations
23 December 2021

Which agricultural tyres to choose for handling operations and loaders

Each activity requires tools that are adapted to be sure of doing the job rapidly without encountering any particular problems, whether you are equipped with a telescopic handler or your tractor has a front loader, you must work with tyres which provide total stability and which will withstand...
Maxi Traction IF tractor tyres
15 September 2021

4 essential tips to help you make the best choice of agricultural tyre

Do you know that your tyres, which are your main contact with the ground, can help you make better use or your tractor’s engine power? But for this you must choose the best adapted tyres for your actual use. The tractor manufacturer equipped your tractor with an average tyre which is suitable for...
What tractor tyres should I choose to improve my yields
12 July 2021

How do I choose tractor tyres that will improve my yields?

The ground in your fields is a precious asset which must be preserved and maintained to obtain the best possible yield. With this objective, it is relatively easy to understand that you cannot invest in regular inputs to improve your yield, then damage your soil through excessive compaction, so it...
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