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Checking tyre concentricity
31 August 2022

Are there solutions for out-of-round tractor tyres?

Instability and tractor vibrations when driving accompanied by a lateral swaying motion from right to left may be the sign of a tyre with a manufacturing defect. This is known as run-out or out-of-roundness and corresponds to a slightly oval tyre shape. However, there are numerous causes linked to...
Maxi Traction Harvest tyres
18 July 2022

Save time with better traction from your harvester tyres

Your harvester’s traction capacity is directly linked to the quality of your tyres. Harvester tyres are particular, because they have to cope with significant cyclic loads depending on how full the harvester’s hopper is. If their design is the result of quality research and development, they will...
my agricultural vehicle’s lead ratio
30 June 2022

What affects my agricultural tyres’ lead ratio?

Your tractor’s lead ratio allows the front axle to pull slightly more than the rear axle and enables perfect drive axis synchronisation. If your tractor has a good lead ratio, it will be efficient and traction will be optimal. However, certain settings or the replacement of tyres may lead to this...
Maxi traction Harvest: Harvester tyres with good road handling capacity
21 June 2022

Which harvester tyre can improve comfort and preserve your health

Agricultural tyres are designed to be able to adapt to very different types of ground, of varying extremes if you compare very wet earth to a tarmacked road surface. The tyres are logically optimised to work in the fields, which is generally the main objective for agricultural machinery. This is...
Maxi traction Harvest tyres
20 May 2022

3 rules to increase the load on your harvester tyres by 70%

With standard tyres on your harvester, you will rapidly reach the limits in terms of bearable load or maximum pressure. These limits are a nuisance during harvesting and you will lose time emptying the hopper more often or sometimes have to stop operations if the trailer rotations are not correctly...
Overloaded tractor tyres
31 March 2022

Tractor tyre overload: what are the 6 traps to avoid?

Your tractor is powerful, so you have chosen to work with bigger, heavier implements, as it seems obvious that the work will be done quicker and the number of trips back and forth across your land will be reduced. However, this reasoning is incomplete, because to ensure a real productivity bonus,...
Jacking up the tractor
18 March 2022

13 safety rules for operations involving agricultural tyres

We don’t generally give it much thought, but when we talk of accidents linked to tyres, we tend to think about speed on the road or the explosion of a tyre due to excessive loads. These two points seem to be under control, because everyone knows that driving too fast or loads that are too heavy are...
Break in the rim disc
28 February 2022

Why there are different types of rims for agricultural tyres

Why are there different types of rims and how do you work out what’s what? what is the link between the type of tyre and the type of rim? Are there rims that are better suited to my tractor tyres and why should I change, if my rims are still in good condition? Basically, all rims are acceptable,...
Optimal traction helps you save time
02 February 2022

Improve your tractor tyres’ traction to save time

You have invested in your tractor to have engine power, which brings productivity, rapidity and longevity. However, without optimal management of your tyres you will have trouble transmitting this power to the ground to transform it into tractive force. Depending on your pressure settings, the size...
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