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Economic contribution of agricultural tyres
28 July 2021

Which agricultural tyres will help me make the most savings?

It often feels like the only way to make savings with agricultural tyres is to negotiate cheaper tyres from your dealer. Think again! The savings you make on their purchase are nothing like what you could save over years of daily use. Since your tyre is an essential part of your vehicle,...
What tractor tyres should I choose to improve my yields
12 July 2021

How do I choose tractor tyres that will improve my yields?

The ground in your fields is a precious asset which must be preserved and maintained to obtain the best possible yield. With this objective, it is relatively easy to understand that you cannot invest in regular inputs to improve your yield, then damage your soil through excessive compaction, so it...
7 points to know to manage tyre pressure
28 June 2021

7 essential points for managing the inflation pressure in my tractor tyres

Little streams make big rivers is a French proverb which could be used as an image to talk about tyre pressure. Never changing inflation pressure seems to have no immediate consequences, but insidiously and with daily repetition, this tyre pressure problem has an impact on tyre wear, on fuel...
How worn can your tractor tyres be before you need to change them
21 June 2021

How worn can your tractor tyres be before you need to change them

The natural reflex, in response to a legitimate desire to save money, is to choose to use your tyres until they are threadbare, keeping them as long as possible in order to delay the moment when you have to invest in a set of new tyres. It’s true that each farm has its own financial priorities...
6 important things to know about your tractor tyres
11 June 2021

6 things you must absolutely know about your tractor tyres

Your agricultural machinery as a whole allows you to develop your productivity and obtain the best possible yields for your farm. By optimising your machines to get the most from their potential, you can improve your profitability and the return on your investment. Your tractor tyres, which are...
Increase the volume of the tyres to boost your tractor
08 March 2021

5 things to know about your tractor’s lead ratio

You have heard about your tractor’s front-wheel lead ratio without really knowing what this is about and as long as you use your tractor’s original tyres this problem does not really exist. So why worry about it? What purpose does it serve? And in the end, what benefit will you obtain from knowing?...
The right tyre pressure to protect your soil
02 February 2021

How to choose the right pressure for my tractor tyres?

You probably already know that adjusting the pressure in your tractor tyres can reduce wear and help them last longer. But it can also help to protect the soil in your fields and therefore your productivity, while improving your security on road. However, it is difficult to always have the right...
Understanding the markings on farming tyres
20 January 2021

How to understand the markings on your farming tyres?

It's often when the time comes to change your tractor tyres and choose a new model, that the markings and all the numbers on the sidewalls become important. However, when you fully understand these figures you can improve your tractor’s capacity, for example increasing the maximum load or improving...
Everything you need to know about water ballasting
04 January 2021

You want to know everything about water ballasting your tractor tyres

Ballasting is used to improve the stability of your tractor and provide efficient traction when your rear mounted implement is heavy or requires a lot of tractive force. The most common ballasting technique involves adding weights to the front to rebalance the load distribution over all four wheels...
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