The Firestone Agricultural tyres plant

Tractor tyre information | Duration 2:29
Welcome to Puente San Miguel,
Firestone Agricultural Radial tyres plant

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. That's why we decide to introduce the new compound as soon as possible in Performer Extra line-up.

Discover Performer Extra production quality standard

In the mixing area, our first step in all the process. We put together all the ingredients together with the rubber in order to obtain the right compound.

20% more wear resistance

We are now in the laboratory, the place in which we confirm that the material physical properties are in line with your expectations.

High qualified team drive compound tests

The tyre uniformity performance depends on the application of the material, that's why the skillness of our operators must be assured.

Great know-how and safe gestures

The main curing parameters are three: temperature, time and pressure.

  • When we talk about temperature, we have always 200 degrees.
  • In terms of pressure, we are using 20kg per square centimeter for pression.
  • And finally, the average for a curing time is one hour and half.

Currently we modifying our molds to include EXTRA marking. In any case, even if you have no yet tyres with no EXTRA marking, don't worry, because be sure that all tyres has Extra compound.

Extra compound inside all range

The last stage in the manufacturing process is final inspection. Here we confirm and guarante the quality of our product to obtain the customer satisfaction.

Process leads customer satisfaction