MAXI TRACTION Firestone Harvest Agricultural Tyre

Tyres technical advice | Duration 2:09
Great productivity, resilience and reliability

Firestone's Maxi Traction Harvest agricultural tyre on the John Deere 9680 WTS combine. 800/65 R32 tyre with cyclic load bonus up to 12 750 kg per tyre at 4 bar.

Renewed range with optimised design: robustness with comfort

Re-engineered design for optimum driving comfort

From the lug shape, the overlapping of the lugs, the number of lugs, to the underlying supporting construction inside the tyre, all the aspects which influence driving comfort have been re-engineered and optimised.

The new MAXI TRACTION HARVEST tyre design offers you optimum driving comfort in the field and on the road, thanks to its increased and superior rubber ratio to the contact surface. And always with the same indisputable reliability and peace of mind you are used to from Firestone harvester tyres.