Firestone’s ambition for farming

Tyres technical advice | Duration 2:35
Farming is a difficult activity and each farm is unique

Firestone brings value.

Farming is a difficult activity and each farm is unique. Farmers need partners they can rely on. Does that sound familiar? Firestone has been a trustworthy partner to farmers since Harvey Firestone manufactured the first pneumatic tractor wheels.

As farming practices evolve, we evolve our existing products and develop new product ranges.

When MAXI TRACTION 65 was launched, it had a new design and new features which go well beyond the Dual Angle lugs which give it its exceptional traction power.

The lifespan-extending characteristics included in the Maxi Traction have also been included in the Performer range since mid-2017. Since then, hundreds of farmers and test benches have confirmed the notion of “EXTRA” in terms of performance and we have now added this to the product name which has become Performer EXTRA.
All the Performer tyres manufactured since April 2017 have the new EXTRA rubber compound which extends their lifespan by 20%, whether or not EXTRA is written on the sidewall.

We continue to develop and evolve our Firestone products:

  • We will bring greater durability, improved performance and higher load capacity to harvesting tyres and tractor tyres over the coming years.
  • And we will develop new tyres: high capacity trailer tyres and tyres for handling operations for example.

To keep pace with the evolutions of the world of agriculture, we work in close partnership with our clients to provide the best tyres for today and tomorrow. With Firestone, “You never farm alone”*.
*You never work alone